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Reservation Guide

Step 1

Firstly, the number of expected guests will define the final charges for your event like number of tables and chairs needed, servers, table cloths, security personnel, bartenders, décor expense, cleaning fee, etc.

Step 2

This section is MANDATORY for your event reservation.

1: Hall rental

Your event should end before midnight, i.e. 12 A.M. Eden Gardens will charge $800 per hour after midnight, i.e. 12:00 A.M. Your event should still end by 3 A.M.

Hourly rates are under 6 hours only. You will be given 30 minutes extra for the setup and 30 minutes extra for the take down. We do not do hourly for Saturdays.

In case of hourly, we charge on hour basis. If your time exceed 6 hours, you would be charged for full 8 hours. Any extra time after 6 hours will charged as stated above.

Note that the hall rental DOES NOT include tables and chairs. Client can only rent all tables and chairs from Eden Gardens Event Center.

A guest table, 72 inches round, with 10 chairs is charged $50. For example, you would need 10 tables and 100 chairs for 100 guests.

You will be given access to ONLY ballroom. To use the kitchen for preparation of food (maximum use time 6 hours on the day of event), you would need to pay kitchen use fee, $300.00 , and kitchen cleaning fee, $200. To gain access to the bridal/VIP suite, you would need to pay additional $100.

2: Cleaning fee

$350 (for guests less than 300)
$500 (more than 300 guests and less than 600)

3: Event Coordination Fee


4: Servers and Bartenders

You will need 1 server for every 40 guests assuming you do buffet dinner and 1 server for every 20 guests in case of plated dinner.

Each server is $20.00 per hour for buffet dinner. All service staff needs to start 1 hour before the event.

Bartender fee is 25.00 per hour. You would need 1 bartender for each 100 guests

5: Security Personnel

1 security personnel per 150 persons when no alcohol served.
1 security personnel per 100 persons when alcohol served.
1 security personnel is charged $25.00/hour. You will need to have security personnel during the entire duration of your event.

6: Insurance

You can buy your own event insurance or Eden Gardens can buy insurance on your behalf. It will cost almost $200.00.You need to submit a copy of your insurance to Eden Gardens 1 month before your event.

Step 3

Important add-on items:

  1. Stage. We charge $150 for the stage which consists of 8 panels. Any additional panel $40.00 per panel. Each panel is 4 ft. x 8 ft.You cannot bring your own.
  2. Dance floor, 21 ft. x 20 ft., is $ 300.00. No outside dance floors allowed
  3. Linen/Table cloth, $8 per ivory or black linen.

• Standard linen: 132″ round – floor length
• Upgrades in linen are available

Ask Eden Gardens’ representative for the list of more items which you might be interested in.

Step 4

Optional services offered by Eden Gardens:

  1. Eden Gardens’ Décor: A decor specialists can set up an appointment with you to discuss your color palette and design
  2. Eden Gardens decor items: Discuss with Eden Gardens’ representative.
    Eden Gardens can cater your event. Discuss with Eden Gardens’ representative.
  3. Cash bar: Discuss with Eden Gardens’ representative.

Step 5

This section is RELEVANT if you have decided to book your event.

  1. Complete the reservation application. You can email the application too.
  2. Sign the reservation agreement with Eden Gardens’ representative.
  3. You are required to make a deposit of at least $500 to book your event.
  4. Eden Gardens requires an authorization to charge your credit card. If for some reason this is not possible then damage deposit of at least $500 is required.
  5. Once all the formalities have been completed, your event coordinator, i.e. Eden Gardens’ representative, will guide you and help you with your event, and for all future inquiries related to your event, consult your coordinator. Eden Gardens has event coordinators of different nationalities who understand your culture.